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Objects with geometric shapes to improve shape identification

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Today we will teach a simple technique for your child to develop the concepts of geometric figures, if your little one is in elementary school you can start by teaching him simple drawings, be it a little house, trees with circles, draw a pet or person, with this technique The little one can learn to draw objects, and all you need to do is use the geometric figures. The geometric…Seguir leyendo

Five ways to teach our children to think critically

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When we talk about teaching our children to think critically, we are talking about how they can develop a broad vision of a given situation. Critical thinking in a child always tends to ask questions and answers. Teaching children to think has to do with some details. A very easy and effective example is to put on the table that they would like to have breakfast and because, surely the…Seguir leyendo

Child self-esteem, how to promote it

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Encouraging confidence and security in our children is extremely important so that when they are older they develop easily, today in our article we will mention some tips so that from a very early age your child has high self-esteem. Self-esteem is the concept we have about our personal life, it is to love ourselves accepting achievements and limitations. When a child grows up, it is important to teach him…Seguir leyendo

Natural Remedies to Lower Fever in Children

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When we speak of fever we refer to a defense mechanism that is activated by the presence of a virus infection, it is very important before starting a treatment that you know the origin of the picture that is causing the flu, and this can only be diagnosed by the Pediatrician, but if the fever happens at midnight and it becomes difficult to communicate with a doctor, you can try…Seguir leyendo


The techniques for punishment to be educational

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Often times parents do not find the right way to discipline our children, psychologists explain that the only way we can change a child’s behavior is by explaining them in a loving way. Children learn from parents that is why we must teach them positive values ​​and attitudes that help shape their behavior on a social level. It is important for children to learn to respect the rights of others,…Seguir leyendo

Tips for traveling with children

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Traveling with children

Children can travel with their parents since they are very young to make the trip relaxed and happy, today we will mention some tips that serve you very useful: 1. Take the appropriate documentation such as ID or passport, there are no others who carry the card with the vaccines. 2. Be sure to carry diapers and your formula in the suitcase, which will last in case there are delays….Seguir leyendo

Reverse psychology, is it true that you can use it with children?

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  When we talk about psychology in reverse we are referring to an emotional reaction to a certain rule that suppresses our freedom of action. This is given when there is a petition prohibiting some conduct, the person will always act contrary to such request. Children are almost always the ones who use this technique most and it is always a pleasure to take the opposite in almost everything that…Seguir leyendo

Baby Bath Guide

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The first bath of a baby is an achievement. Bathing a baby requires practice when it comes to baby’s care of being very cautious, bathing them seems to be a difficult mission but in reality it is very easy as long as you follow these steps: * Condition the place where the child is located in the bathroom close all windows. There should be no drafts in the space. *…Seguir leyendo

How to relieve teething discomfort.

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Between the ages of 3 and 6, a child’s teeth begin to sprout, and the gums tend to become inflamed, the teeth that begin to come out in the sixth month are almost always the central ones. When this happens our babies often feel irritable and sore as their gums begin to swell. This discomfort disappears when the tooth gushes and stops pressing the gum. Today we will give you…Seguir leyendo