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Infantile Self-esteem, How to Promote It

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Self-esteem is the concept we have about our personal life, is to love ourselves accepting achievements and limitations. When a child grows up, it is important to teach them love for themselves, fostering values such as trust and respect. The self-esteem of a child is…Seguir leyendo

Tips for parents who can not be father without knowing

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Few things offer more emotion and overwhelming than the prospect of becoming a father. The following tips to help you with parenting. You can get quality baby items without spending a lot of money, for example, the nursing items you need right before you have…Seguir leyendo

Activities to improve memory in our children

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Memory is made up of all the memories and experiences daily, children always tend to remember that which generates joy and fun. That is why today we invite you to stimulate the memory of your child through games as they improve the capacity for attention…Seguir leyendo

7 Parent Attitudes that Teachers Hate

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For teachers each season back to school is a challenge, speaking in good terms of course. Many teachers have a duty to teach our children a range of knowledge and good attitudes to form as good people and good citizens. For them there are several…Seguir leyendo

The risks of the Internet and social networks for children

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How children can make good use of the Internet and social networks. There are many risks to children surfing the Internet if they do not follow the advice of safe navigation and have not received correct information about the dangers and traps that are lurking….Seguir leyendo

Types of parents according to their relationship with children

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The best, the parents who dialogue but set standards One of the key objectives that parents should pursue in their relationships with their children is their social development. The interaction between parents and children from the birth of these is basic in the future social…Seguir leyendo

Reverse psychology, is it true that you can use it with children?

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  When we talk about psychology in reverse we are referring to an emotional reaction to a certain rule that suppresses our freedom of action. This is given when there is a petition prohibiting some conduct, the person will always act contrary to such request….Seguir leyendo

Baby Bath Guide

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The first bath of a baby is an achievement. Bathing a baby requires practice when it comes to baby’s care of being very cautious, bathing them seems to be a difficult mission but in reality it is very easy as long as you follow these…Seguir leyendo

Children and the Use of Technology

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For anyone, it is a secret that the lives of today’s children are very far from what it was before, whereas not many years ago, the favorite gifts for a child were, balls, cars, dolls, doctor or doctor games, today To play the same games…Seguir leyendo

Swimming and Children

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Swimming, is one of the most complete sports ensure the specialists, besides that can be done. The benefit of this sport is that when practicing this sport we involve all the muscles of the body, but without forcing the joints. In the case of children,…Seguir leyendo