Children and the Use of Technology

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For anyone, it is a secret that the lives of today’s children are very far from what it was before, whereas not many years ago, the favorite gifts for a child were, balls, cars, dolls, doctor or doctor games, today To play the same games ask for a computer or a video game console. Doctors say that this is the cause many times of so many cases of distraction in…Seguir leyendo

Swimming and Children

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Swimming, is one of the most complete sports ensure the specialists, besides that can be done. The benefit of this sport is that when practicing this sport we involve all the muscles of the body, but without forcing the joints. In the case of children, it is very important because they can develop muscles very early as well as the development of some areas of the body such as the…Seguir leyendo

What is Attention Deficit

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In recent years, it is very common for teachers to request consultations with the child’s doctor, in the face of the possibility that the child may suffer from an attention deficit, something that is an anguish for the parents, since it usually surprises us and it is something That we do not really know what it consists of. Attention deficit can occur in two ways, on the one hand, the…Seguir leyendo

Reasons Why Your Child May Take Long Time Doing Homework

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Today many of us wonder why we spend so much time helping our children to study and do their homework. Sometimes we worry even more because we see that our children take 2, 3 or 4 times more time doing homework than their classmates. And of course, this can not only frustrate us but also our children who want to do other things besides studying. As parents we have to…Seguir leyendo