Distracted children and how to treat them

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Distracted children are children who usually do not move much can spend a lot of time sitting but have problems concentrating and completing their tasks, these children are not hyperactive but if they are distracted and distracted they do everything slowly. The symptoms of a…Seguir leyendo

What to do when my child cries for an from another child?

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Parents find it a bit stressful or uncomfortable, taking their children to the park and crying for an alien toy. This happens because children cannot differentiate their own from others’. Children up to 3 years old usually play alone, sometimes play with other children and…Seguir leyendo

Essential items for your children at school

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When the children start school, they need some basic items, which they must carry in their school bag, normally before the course starts at school they will give us a list, but we as mom can send the most important: Take the books that correspond…Seguir leyendo

Tips to Encourage your child to read

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Motivating your child to read is a habit that we must encourage from the time they are very young, even before they learn to read. That is why we must offer the child reading as a game alternative. For your child to enjoy reading read…Seguir leyendo

Dental brushing techniques for children under 5 years

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Dental hygiene is of great importance for the health of children. Good habits and habits are encouraged for him to remain small throughout his life, the care of the teeth should be promoted since the children are very young. We should know those baby teeth…Seguir leyendo

5 Tips for your Children to have Healthy Teeth and Gums

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Parents should teach children the proper way to brush their teeth as this provides them with cleanliness and freshness, another benefit is that it also helps them develop good hygiene habits in their daily lives. For your children to have healthy gums and teeth from…Seguir leyendo

My son does not want to bathe, what can I do?

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Many children of small ages love to bathe while others do not, this happens because they may be cold or just do not attract attention. Our attitude as a parent is to try to make the bathroom a pleasant process and not a conflict. Today…Seguir leyendo

Common problems of children: Tantrums

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In children, there are several behavioural problems that frequently occur, one of them is The tantrum that is a big anger, usually occurs in children of shortages of 2 to 4 years the reasons are little justified and usually last a short time. Parents tend…Seguir leyendo

What happens when our children are addicted to video games?

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  Video games are a way to keep children entertained, but when the child spends more time in front of the videogame than doing other activities, it becomes a problem that gradually affects him first because they start to lose their academic performance they do…Seguir leyendo

How can I prevent my children from taking drugs?

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As our children grow, the risk of using drugs increases. This is due to the fact that they enter a period of transition where they want to experience new challenges. It can also happen at the time they change schools or change friends, as they…Seguir leyendo