Distracted children and how to treat them

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Distracted children are children who usually do not move much can spend a lot of time sitting but have problems concentrating and completing their tasks, these children are not hyperactive but if they are distracted and distracted they do everything slowly. The symptoms of a…Seguir leyendo

What to do when my child cries for an alien toy?

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Parents find it a bit stressful or uncomfortable, taking their children to the park and crying for an alien toy. This happens because children can not differentiate their own from what is foreign. Children up to 3 years old usually play alone, sometimes play with…Seguir leyendo

Tips to Encourage your child to read

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Motivating your child to read is a habit that we must encourage from the time they are very young, even before they learn to read. That is why we must offer the child reading as a game alternative. For your child to enjoy reading read…Seguir leyendo

Essential items for your children at school

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When the children start school, they need some basic items, which they must carry in their school bag, normally before the course starts at school they will give us a list, but we as mom can send the most important: Take the books that correspond…Seguir leyendo

Simple techniques to grow a plant with the smallest household

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  Teaching to plant children is not only important because it encourages them to love plants and the environment but also contributes to the conservation of the ecosystem. Growing flowers and other herbs allows them to be aware of how to care for another living…Seguir leyendo

How to Teach my Son about Emotions with Images

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For children to learn the emotions is something new that little by little they are discovering, to go teaching them, the easiest and funniest method is through the images since the drawings and colors are very attractive and will attract their attention faster. The images…Seguir leyendo

Educational games for the little ones: Recognition of environmental sounds

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The love towards nature must be taught to children since they are very small since it is part of our environment and they are very curious about everything that comes from the outside world. Playing with the little ones will be special for them to…Seguir leyendo

Infantile Self-esteem, How to Promote It

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Self-esteem is the concept we have about our personal life, is to love ourselves accepting achievements and limitations. When a child grows up, it is important to teach them love for themselves, fostering values such as trust and respect. The self-esteem of a child is…Seguir leyendo

5 Ways to Teach our Children to Think Critically

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When we talk about teaching our children to think critically, we are referring to their ability to develop a broad vision of a certain situation. Critical thinking in a child always tends to ask questions and answers. Teaching children to think has to do with…Seguir leyendo

How to identify the attention deficit in our children

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Speaking of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has become increasingly frequent and is not a fashion imposed by the “diagnoses”, but a persistent neurological disorder and continuous inattention and impulsive hyperactivity that prevents the realization of activities. The proper diagnosis can only be made by a…Seguir leyendo