How to avoid poisoning with processed foods

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Food poisonings are described as diseases that occur shortly after having consumed either a contaminated food or drink. The origin of the disease is because the food can be contaminated with microorganisms that multiply and give rise to infection. Food poisoning can be caused, among…Seguir leyendo

Natural Remedies to Lower Fever in Children

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When we speak of fever we refer to a defense mechanism that is activated by the presence of a virus infection, it is very important before starting a treatment that you know the origin of the picture that is causing the flu, and this can…Seguir leyendo

Tips for traveling with children

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Traveling with children

Children can travel with their parents since they are very young to make the trip relaxed and happy, today we will mention some tips that serve you very useful: 1. Take the appropriate documentation such as ID or passport, there are no others who carry…Seguir leyendo

Tips for Having Fun in the Water

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The summer is the perfect season to go to the beach, the river, the water parks or the swimming pools. There is nothing better than spending a hot summer day having fun in the family water. But for many parents we are concerned not only…Seguir leyendo