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Child self-esteem, how to promote it

roxana 12 Jul, 2017 Education No Comments

Encouraging confidence and security in our children is extremely important so that when they are older they develop easily, today in our article we will mention some tips so that from a very early age your child has high self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the concept we have about our personal life, it is to love ourselves accepting achievements and limitations. When a child grows up, it is important to teach him love for himself by fostering values ​​such as trust, respect.

The self-esteem of a child develops from an early age, as parents we must highlight the best of their personality. We must always mention motivational phrases, congratulate him on his achievements, encourage them when they are unmotivated.

Here are some tips on how to promote self-esteem in children:
• Give safety for a child to feel secure is necessary to feel loved and loved by their parents, as it is. This will give the child more freedom.
• Do not label. Show him that all people are different.
• Spend much of your free time with them, children love playing with their parents as they feel loved and protected.
• Do not teach fear.
• Teach them to learn from their mistakes, with much love.
• Do not scold in public.
• Value your effort not the result. Tell him that we are all in this life learning constantly.
• Teach them what their limits are without shouting or threats.
• Give autonomy and confidence teach them they can dress themselves, brush their teeth help set the table, pick up their toys in a basket. All this will make them feel independent and develop their self confidence.

If we raise a child with a high self-esteem will be a responsible, loving child, will live with harmony and balance. It should be expressed in an appropriate and coherent manner. Will use the intelligence will have independence to act always respecting the elderly.