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Children and the Use of Technology

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For anyone, it is a secret that the lives of today’s children are very far from what it was before, whereas not many years ago, the favorite gifts for a child were, balls, cars, dolls, doctor or doctor games, today To play the same games ask for a computer or a video game console.

Doctors say that this is the cause many times of so many cases of distraction in children, that many seem to be out of reality for hours, the issue is that not all parents limit the hours of play, which of course it is necessary , But without losing contact with reality.

On the other hand this has become a restraint for many children in the face of the long working days that parents have today, as there have also been notable changes in activities and even in the formation of families.

It is not a question of children not playing, or anything like it, it is a matter of limiting the time of use of these devices that we have at our disposal as well as a greater control of the pages that they visit, it is not necessary to substitute the hours of To share in family to be in front of the computer although in this way the boy is calm.

The tranquility that a child shows in front of a screen, sooner or later will play against if he spends long hours in front of it, specialists warn that if children spend many hours in front of a computer soon they will be able to notice in the following situations that they bring Important consequences for their psychic, mental, physical and social development.

Among the behaviors that affect children who spend long hours in front of a screen, we can mention:

  • Not able to communicate with his or her family.
  • Greater nervousness.
  • Violence.
  • Social isolation.
  • Obesity.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Behavior problems at school.
  • Poor school performance.
  • Increased consumption of junk food.
  • Stress.

It is very important not to lose, the habits of sharing things in family especially the moments destined to communication since this is the only way to prevent many situations.