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How to relieve teething discomfort.

roxana 6 Jun, 2017 Growing Up No Comments

Between the ages of 3 and 6, a child’s teeth begin to sprout, and the gums tend to become inflamed, the teeth that begin to come out in the sixth month are almost always the central ones.

When this happens our babies often feel irritable and sore as their gums begin to swell.

This discomfort disappears when the tooth gushes and stops pressing the gum.

Today we will give you some suggestions to relieve gum pain in your baby:

* An effective remedy can use the mordedores especially if the one that can be cooled and that the cold has an anti inflammatory effect.
* Another very good option is to massage the baby’s gums with our index finger after immersing it in cold water for a few seconds.
* Unless our pediatrician indicates that you can apply a cream containing lidocaine to relieve pain in the gums.
If your baby has started to eat solid foods you can try giving him bits of fruit but not frozen, bits of apple or cambur would like.

Many times It is thought that the exit of the teeth causes fever or diarrhea in the baby if this happens the ideal is to take the pediatrician, he could indicate to you what is the cause of the fever.

Something that is true that the child swallows more saliva and his poop can be more soft.

To relieve the pain caused by teething can also apply some medicines or gels special gums for babies these are sold without a prescription at the pharmacy.