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Natural Remedies to Lower Fever in Children

roxana 14 Jun, 2017 Safety No Comments

When we speak of fever we refer to a defense mechanism that is activated by the presence of a virus infection, it is very important before starting a treatment that you know the origin of the picture that is causing the flu, and this can only be diagnosed by the Pediatrician, but if the fever happens at midnight and it becomes difficult to communicate with a doctor, you can try to relieve symptoms with these home remedies:

Give a warm water bath: you can immerse the child in a tub with warm water. This bath should last for at least 5 minutes, and you have finished laying the child with very little clothing after 3 minutes should have its normal temperature.

Cold compresses: place the wipes or a compress with cold water on the forehead help the body to stabilize the temperature, it also helps to relax the body increasing the feeling of well-being.

Drink plenty of liquid: it is highly recommended to avoid dehydration due to the loss of liquid by the rise in temperature, it is recommended juices, abundant water or warm broth.

A warm infusion of chamomile: also can make your child feel better not only because they relax but also because they relieve their symptoms.

Another option that is not natural but if this is our scope to help our little one is to give a drug to reduce fever such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, both can be bought without a prescription.

Finally, we recommend that if your child has a fever, it is best to take him to your pediatrician as soon as possible.