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Baby Bath Guide

roxana 7 Jun, 2017 Be Parents No Comments

The first bath of a baby is an achievement. Bathing a baby requires practice when it comes to baby’s care of being very cautious, bathing them seems to be a difficult mission but in reality it is very easy as long as you follow these…Seguir leyendo

How to relieve teething discomfort.

roxana 6 Jun, 2017 Growing Up No Comments

Between the ages of 3 and 6, a child’s teeth begin to sprout, and the gums tend to become inflamed, the teeth that begin to come out in the sixth month are almost always the central ones. When this happens our babies often feel irritable…Seguir leyendo

Children and the Use of Technology

admin 5 Jan, 2017 Be Parents No Comments

For anyone, it is a secret that the lives of today’s children are very far from what it was before, whereas not many years ago, the favorite gifts for a child were, balls, cars, dolls, doctor or doctor games, today To play the same games…Seguir leyendo

Swimming and Children

admin 5 Jan, 2017 Be Parents No Comments

Swimming, is one of the most complete sports ensure the specialists, besides that can be done. The benefit of this sport is that when practicing this sport we involve all the muscles of the body, but without forcing the joints. In the case of children,…Seguir leyendo

What is Attention Deficit

admin 23 Dec, 2016 Be Parents No Comments

In recent years, it is very common for teachers to request consultations with the child’s doctor, in the face of the possibility that the child may suffer from an attention deficit, something that is an anguish for the parents, since it usually surprises us and…Seguir leyendo

What are baby twins or dizygotic

admin 23 Dec, 2016 Be Parents No Comments

Yolk or bicyclist babies are babies commonly known as twins, these babies are conceived independently, which is to say that they are two or more eggs fertilized by different spermatozoa, of course these pregnancies are the subject of great questions, Because although there are some…Seguir leyendo

Types or Classes of Parents

admin 21 Dec, 2016 Be Parents No Comments

Definitely every father and mother have their own style of raising their children. You may have noticed that your family did not treat you like the family of your best friend or friend treated him or her when they were little. Even between your mother…Seguir leyendo

Reasons Why Your Child May Take Long Time Doing Homework

admin 21 Dec, 2016 Be Parents No Comments

Today many of us wonder why we spend so much time helping our children to study and do their homework. Sometimes we worry even more because we see that our children take 2, 3 or 4 times more time doing homework than their classmates. And…Seguir leyendo

Tips for Having Fun in the Water

admin 18 Dec, 2016 Safety No Comments

The summer is the perfect season to go to the beach, the river, the water parks or the swimming pools. There is nothing better than spending a hot summer day having fun in the family water. But for many parents we are concerned not only…Seguir leyendo

Reasons or reasons why a mom should have a hobby

admin 18 Dec, 2016 Be Parents No Comments

Today, fathers and mothers tend to lead a more hectic lifestyle than in previous years. And this is more reflected in those who are first-time parents, and those who are waiting for the arrival of their baby to the house. Due to our current lifestyle,…Seguir leyendo