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Animate to celebrate a baby shower

roxana 6 Oct, 2017 Growing Up No Comments

A baby shower will always be a special celebration so today we will mention some ideas that will make this party a memorable memory for all the companions and of course for the waiting mom. When starting with the preparations we must take into account…Seguir leyendo

Tips to make your Baby Shower unforgettable

roxana 6 Oct, 2017 Pregnancy No Comments

The dream of every mom is the arrival of her baby, that is why before the birth many decide to hold a party with their friends and family to celebrate such a wonderful event. In our blog, we will mention some tips that you must…Seguir leyendo

Correct way to educate our children

roxana 6 Oct, 2017 Education No Comments

Most people become parents without prior training. If you have an interest in improving your parenting skills beyond direct experience, read these helpful and proven tips in this article. It is time to address the challenges of parent challenge with an informational approach. You do…Seguir leyendo

Tips for parents who can not be father without knowing

roxana 6 Oct, 2017 Be Parents No Comments

Few things offer more emotion and overwhelming than the prospect of becoming a father. The following tips to help you with parenting. You can get quality baby items without spending a lot of money, for example, the nursing items you need right before you have…Seguir leyendo

Syndrome of the Prince dethroned, how to face it

roxana 18 Sep, 2017 Parenting Tips No Comments

The dethroned prince syndrome is one that appears before the birth of a new member of the family. When a new child is born the family goes through a crisis as the jealousy begins on the part of the older brother. In the hustle and…Seguir leyendo

Techniques for punishment to be educational

roxana 18 Sep, 2017 Parenting Tips No Comments

Many times parents do not find the right way to discipline our children, psychologists explain that the only way we can make a behavior that dislikes the child is changed is lovingly explaining. Children learn from parents that is why we must teach them positive…Seguir leyendo

How to handle apathy in adolescents

roxana 18 Sep, 2017 Parenting Tips No Comments

Apathy in adolescents has its origin in various causes whether personal problems, family, school or simply the influence that can mediate. if noticed around us there is a ground that stimulates the ignorance. ignorance and lack of interest are the dominant themes in networks. Faced…Seguir leyendo

Activities to improve memory in our children

roxana 18 Sep, 2017 Be Parents No Comments

Memory is made up of all the memories and experiences daily, children always tend to remember that which generates joy and fun. That is why today we invite you to stimulate the memory of your child through games as they improve the capacity for attention…Seguir leyendo

7 Parent Attitudes that Teachers Hate

roxana 16 Sep, 2017 Be Parents No Comments

For teachers each season back to school is a challenge, speaking in good terms of course. Many teachers have a duty to teach our children a range of knowledge and good attitudes to form as good people and good citizens. For them there are several…Seguir leyendo

The risks of the Internet and social networks for children

roxana 11 Sep, 2017 Be Parents No Comments

How children can make good use of the Internet and social networks. There are many risks to children surfing the Internet if they do not follow the advice of safe navigation and have not received correct information about the dangers and traps that are lurking….Seguir leyendo