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Reasons Why Your Child May Take Long Time Doing Homework

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Today many of us wonder why we spend so much time helping our children to study and do their homework.

Sometimes we worry even more because we see that our children take 2, 3 or 4 times more time doing homework than their classmates.

And of course, this can not only frustrate us but also our children who want to do other things besides studying.

As parents we have to keep in mind those 3 factors that are possibly affecting our son or daughter.

1. We must pay attention to the level of care, if our child has deficiencies in paying attention in class this will make the development of homework more complicated
And you have to re-teach what was given in class, so a task that is supposed to last 45 minutes could take twice as long.

2. Check the sight of our children. If they can not see what is written on the board they will have trouble copying their notes, skip important words or even complete sentences of explanation and homework.

3. There are children who simply become stressed or tense when asked a question. Like who says they freeze. Normally this is because we as parents bother when the child asks questions and therefore he does not usually ask in class, because he thinks that this same behavior will be repeated. Or that someone will be angry with him.

What I can recommend is that when performing a task with your child always keep calm. If the child or you are stressed take a rest of between 1 and 3 minutes. Help your child stay focused by covering distractions, but do not pressure him. Some parents recommend practicing the Mozart Effect.