» » Reverse psychology, is it true that you can use it with children?

Reverse psychology, is it true that you can use it with children?

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When we talk about psychology in reverse we are referring to an emotional reaction to a certain rule that suppresses our freedom of action.

This is given when there is a petition prohibiting some conduct, the person will always act contrary to such request.

Children are almost always the ones who use this technique most and it is always a pleasure to take the opposite in almost everything that is ordered to do, sometimes that feeling of rebellion helps parents to what is the right way and alert them, What are the situations of danger A very typical example is: if you tell a child that you feel, you will immediately tell him no, ideally wait a little longer to ask you again, in time you will have forgotten and will give.

Children, especially between one and two years old, love to show their freedom of action, autonomy and independence.

Experts explained that children feel independent and feel they have the ability to self-control since they are very young. That’s why it’s important when it’s annoying to hug and reassure them, and tell them why not do some things. Because you must obey dad or mom, the best thing you can do is work as a team with your little one that he sees that you love him and respect him.

Love and discipline are fundamental in the growth of the child. Always remember to tell him why he should behave or obey. If you notice that your child does not attend to what you say, seek counseling with a child psychologist, he will teach you the tools to make communication with your child more effective.