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Swimming and Children

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Swimming, is one of the most complete sports ensure the specialists, besides that can be done.

The benefit of this sport is that when practicing this sport we involve all the muscles of the body, but without forcing the joints.

In the case of children, it is very important because they can develop muscles very early as well as the development of some areas of the body such as the rib cage, something very important for children suffering from respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

In addition, children have fun with this sport and they do it in a healthy environment such as water, it also has many advantages for adult life, if you take it as a routine since small children will do throughout life, we will mention some other advantages of the swimming:

It lowers blood pressure levels as it strengthens the heart.
Burning fats, therefore avoids childhood obesity, a serious problem for children today.
It develops all muscles equally, because under water the muscles and joints do not suffer from great tension, they can be exercised increasing flexibility and strengthening the bone.
It gives pleasure, since it is very relaxing the movement under the water.
The people and children who practice swimming agree that it is one of the sports that have the greatest pleasure and that it can adapt to any climatic situation and that benefits not only the muscles, bones and joints, but also Has shown very good results for the skin, always using moisturizers to counteract the dryness that is usually placed in the pools.
Doctors say that children who practice swimming from an early age look healthier, both physically and mentally.

Do not forget that also the fact that a child swims from an early age, is also a measure of protection for example when we go on vacation.