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The techniques for punishment to be educational

roxana 12 Jun, 2017 Education No Comments

Often times parents do not find the right way to discipline our children, psychologists explain that the only way we can change a child’s behavior is by explaining them in a loving way.

Children learn from parents that is why we must teach them positive values ​​and attitudes that help shape their behavior on a social level.

It is important for children to learn to respect the rights of others, to learn solidarity and the importance of giving to receive. Today we are going to mention some tips to make the punishment educational:

• Understanding your child, when it comes to disciplining your child, evaluating how old you are, if you are very young and noticing it, you should sit in a chair and explain why we should sometimes remain quiet and silent.

• Explain that appropriate behaviors deserve awards and that inappropriate behaviors deserve a sanction.
• Scolding is also a form of correction, but it should not be used in humiliating words or insults, just enough tone for your child to notice that he did something inappropriate and annoying.
• Removing Privileges How to use a tablet or go to the park or watch TV, by doing something inappropriate, will demonstrate that any negative behavior deserves a sanction.

• Establish a fair and realistic form of punishment, it all depends on the age of your child.

• Punish Properly If your child does not want to clean the room, he or she should be told that until he or she does not organize it, he / she will not be able to leave.

The best way to educate children is to be kind, to understand their child, to reward them, to sanction inappropriate things.