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Types or Classes of Parents

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Definitely every father and mother have their own style of raising their children. You may have noticed that your family did not treat you like the family of your best friend or friend treated him or her when they were little.

Even between your mother and father you may have noticed that there was a time when your parents argued because one had been very soft with you and had raised the punishment. And there are many types of parents, some follow the guide to raise their children.

But in general there are 4 types of parents:

This is the authoritarian. These are the types of parents who base their children’s education on following orders. They do not accept any kind of feedback from their children, so if they do not obey their orders they are usually punished.

You have to be careful with this type of education since children tend to be very quiet and unhappy. This is because the relationship with their parents is more of fear than of love and respect. Children have to have character problems so they can be aggressive, while girls may have problems dealing with adversity, this is because of this type of breeding.

On the other hand there are indulgent parents, they allow immature and childlike behavior. Indulgent parents expect their children to learn from their own mistakes and to value themselves. These types of potatoes usually listen to their children and have a more democratic behavior within the family. And so they tend to have a very strong relationship with their children.

The third type of parent is the authority of the home. We can say that they are the perfect combination between the two previous, as they expect appropriate behavior from their children, listen to what they have to say and ask questions about the facts. As a result their children tend to be happier, have a high self-esteem and trust themselves.

And finally, the passive parents. These parents really do not get involved in anything. They are the parents who usually leave their children in the care of someone else. And that’s why they look like more of the grandparents’ or the babysitter’s children.

Now that you know this I have only to recommend you to read the Guide to raise your children, it will really help you a lot.