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What is Attention Deficit

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In recent years, it is very common for teachers to request consultations with the child’s doctor, in the face of the possibility that the child may suffer from an attention deficit, something that is an anguish for the parents, since it usually surprises us and it is something That we do not really know what it consists of.

Attention deficit can occur in two ways, on the one hand, the child can be very hyperactive and on the other hand be too distracted as if he were always in the clouds, being the same problem with different manifestations, nothing more does not mean that one is more Serious than another or requires more intensive treatment.

Symptoms of Attention Deficit:

Lack of concentration and attention.
Constant distraction.
A child with attention deficit; Begins to show little by little that it can not concentrate on its own, since it is not something that the child can control, but escapes its possibilities, at first he will feel very restless or very passive as if he were absent from reality , Then this begins to worsen, and problems can be added in the behavior of the child in the school and even at home, or wherever the child is taken.

The first reaction of a parent or teacher is to start putting the child in some penance, but as expected this does not work, because as we mentioned is not something the child can control, even this measure can reach Make the situation worse.

In the case of hyperactive children, it is those children who find it difficult to get a dream, want everything right away, even make tantrums and tantrums, to get what they want immediately, these children usually talk late and are usually something Slow in motor development.

Passive children are children who seem to be away for a while or can not concentrate or remember small orders, or do two things at once like most children, for example; Eating and having a conversation.

To know if a child has an attention deficit, it is necessary to know that in the preschool stage it is very difficult to diagnose that children at that age are very restless and runs the risk of misdiagnosis of the deficit, on the other hand it is necessary to appreciate that These alterations in behavior must be repetitive and not an isolated fact that may be the product of an alteration in the normal life of the child.

After the child passes through the pediatrician’s office, if the child has a suspicion that the child has an attention deficit, he will refer it to a psychiatrist or child psychologist, to confirm or not the diagnosis, for this the psychologist p child psychiatrist Evaluate the child in a comprehensive manner and in parallel conduct interviews with the mother, request reports from the teacher and the pediatrician, with all the information mentioned can accurately diagnose the child and begin treatment to prevent the child has problems of Learning, so it is extremely important to diagnose at an early age to avoid problems in school.